Important Gratitude Benefits


Physical Benefits

Gratitude Benefits

Gratitude is seen as a type of action, behaviour, however when told that it can provide significant physical benefits, it is found hard to believe. Studies have backed up these claims, and results have shown that there are a variety of health benefits of gratitude including stress relief. There is without a doubt that stress can cause our lives to be less pleasant and in extreme cases, can accelerate serious health conditions such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc. Not only does gratitude provide stress relief, it also boosts the immune system since grateful individuals are usually more optimistic leading to improved immune systems. Psychology professors have indicated that there is a link between optimistic behaviour and the immune system. Some less known benefits include a higher pain tolerance, lower blood pressure, improved sleep schedule, and encouraged physical activity such as jogging or weightlifting.

Psychological Benefits

The benefits of gratitude have been most common, psychologically. This is primarily because gratitude is often thought of as positive behaviour, and any form positive behaviour induces similar behaviour and thoughts. Some commonly known Psychological benefits are increased positive emotions, increased focus and concentration, prone to feeling joy and pleasure, and even being more optimistic and happy.

Social Benefits

The social aspect of gratitude is one that should not be ignored; studies have shown that individuals who are more grateful are more forgiving, generous and compassionate. It is often considered to be the most important aspect of gratitude since it itself is a Social emotion. It strengthens the relationship between people when they are thanked and appreciated for their effort. And in turn, it provides a benefit that many cannot live without, the absence of loneliness and isolation.

Living in gratitude provides more benefits than those on our health, they transform our personality and how we act. It influences us to behave in a more positive way. Some common transformations of gratitude are mentioned below.

Absence Of Negative Feelings And Emotions – negative feelings like anger, envy and jealousy are all emotions we wish to avoid, however it is impossible to completely avoid. By encouraging grateful behaviour, studies have shown that it decreases the likelihood of negative feelings.

Grateful Individuals Understand Their Own Value – gratitude allows us to be grateful to not only other people, but to ourselves too. By having a better understanding of other people’s worth, you can learn to appreciate yourself and how much you have achieved.

Your View Of The World Becomes More Positive – The world can be seen from a variety of angles and perspectives, while some are negative, some can be quite positive. Benefits of expressing gratitude requires that we look at the good qualities in things and express our appreciation for it. No one is grateful for the negative moments, but by being a more grateful person, you will focus more on the positive aspect of things.

People often look for an opportunity to improve themselves, whether it is socially, physically or psychologically. However, many overlook the gratitude benefits and just how significant they can be when integrating it as a part of your life. In fact, gratitude has been encouraged internationally by religions, cultures and traditions alike. This is because the gratitude benefits have been recognized. In order to reap the benefits, understanding how to practice gratitude is just as important as knowing the benefits. Gratitude only requires small actions and thoughts that will accumulate and result in transformational changes in your life. There are several different methods one can take to lead a more grateful life, some common examples are to keep a gratitude journal where you record a list of grateful actions, another example is to start with a partner. By taking advantage of the social support from a partner, you are encouraged to follow through with your goals of being more grateful. Leading a more gratitude-filled lifestyle only requires small changes in your life, but can transform you to a whole new person, where you view the world in a positive light.